Summary YUSTE project


The project, as its name indicates, “Y.U.S.T.E. (Youth Up, Sharing Talent for Europe)”, has as main objective to gather 50 young people from different European countries who have already shown a social concern and commitment in their communities, to complement their educational-training through collaborative experiences, strengthening their skills in the following areas:

1) Awareness of the current European reality and discover the resources that the European Community makes available to young people to become active elements in the process of European construction. For this we count on the collaboration of the Foundation Academia Europea de Yuste that facilitates the intervention of politicians and senior officials of the various European administration bodies.

2) Encourage and put into practice the values of collaborative work, empowerment and the assumption of responsibilities for decision making. For the development of these competences we have monitors with wide experience in the realization of workshops and activities that allow to experience these competences through real situations.

3) To experience the wealth represented by the diversity of the different European peoples. For this, a gastronomic-musical soirée will be held every night, in which the members of each country communicate the best of their history, gastronomy and folklore. Participants will hold rhythm, music, dance and interpretation workshops. Through these leisure activities they will also develop teamwork skills, preparing, with the participation of all, a musical show that they would present in a public performance at the end of the exchange.

4) We will take advantage of the fact that the project will be carried out in Extremadura. In century XVI Extremadura was main protagonist of the encounter between two worlds as a consequence of the discovery of America; Francico Pizarro in Peru and Hernán Cortes in Mexico, came in contact with the main civilizations existing in that continent. With the visit to Trujillo and Guadalupe we will be able to approach the importance that the encounter of cultures had for European civilization.

5) This year we want each of the organizations involved to prepare a full day of activities on the theme and content that they consider more appropriate to the activities they normally develop. We will focus the integration of immigrants’ problem.

6) It will also be given to the meeting a character of valorisation of all the attitudes that promote the total integration of all the groups with some limitation.

In addition to the individual learning, which will involve each participant to experience this experience, and the local and regional impact that the Project is going to involve, a video summary of the exchange will be developed, which will be disseminated through the different participating Organizations and will be available on YouTube As in the web, in which all the events related to this exchange, currently under development, which can be consulted at:

In social networks the activity can be followed both on the website mentioned above and on the Facebook address; Https://, and the email

This year the exchange will take place in Cáceres, from the 19th to the 29th of July 2017.

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