Author: Javier Muriel


Don’t forget the EHIC – European Heath Insurance Card (it’s not obligatory but recommended)


Environmental Education Center

Description of facilities and staff. The Environmental Education Center is located in a large stone building, old dryer snuff, which has been rehabilitated. Garden and swimming pool. The main resource and the most striking...


Monastery of Yuste

The Monastery of Yuste is a monastery in the small village now called Cuacos de Yuste (in older works San Yuste or San Just) in the province of Cáceres in the autonomous community of...


United World Project

The Youngsters of New Humanity are Engaged in Order to Promote Fraternity with the United World Project This project was launched in Budapest in 2012. It asks each member of society to make a...


Young protagonists of tomorrow award

The Ministry of Education and Culture has selected 10 finalists that will be chosen among the five winners of this year, the awards ceremony will be held on April 7 in Merida. Thus, the...

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