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View of the old town of Cáceres from steps to sanctuary mountain

Historical Review of Caceres

Historical Review of Caceres The Old Town of Caceres is an exceptional monumental enclave that preserves evidences from differents peoples and cultures settled in its territory. From Upper Paleolithic period to the 20th-century great...

Vie of the college wiith paddle court

San Jose University College

Services The Colegio Mayor San Jose is off the road Caceres Trujillo, very close to the University Campus, and well connected by public transport. PLACE CAMP 2016 The facilities include extensive gardens, library, cafeteria,...

Soffia Corradi

Studiare all’estero, Mamma Erasmus

La storia di un’idea che ha cambiato una generazione di giovani Studiare all’estero, ecco chi è «mamma Erasmus» Vincenzo R. Spagnolo 7 maggio 2016 Quattro milioni di studenti …e un milione di bambini Sviluppato...


The viral spirit of the Erasmus program

The viral spirit of the Erasmus Program Martin Schulz (President of the European Parliament) 09/05/2016 Each 9 May, as President of the European Parliament, I have before me the usual puzzle of where and...


Young Leaders of Tomorrow

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow” award Under the youth project developed by the Rotary clubs of Extremadura, “Young Extremeños for New Horizons”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture is to create the...

logo mediterraneans


youth4europe invite you to join this awareness campaign “We are all Mediterranean” is based on the values of solidarity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, socio-economic integration, active citizen participation and cooperation, the fight against racism,...

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