Author: Javier Muriel

Interviews to Shalva (Georgia), Elena (Spain), Margarida (Portugal), Ilaria (Italy)

Words of the camp – Interviews

What would you highlight of your days of camp? Summer Camp Yuste young users explain the experiences during the 9 days of the Camp. Shalva Shalashvili (Georgia) I liked sports activities. We fought for...

YUSTE Summer Camp 2016. Organizer: Rotary Cáceres-Mérida. Collaborators: Extremadura Goberment, Extremadura Bank Foundation, Caceres Council, Extremadura Business School, Erasmus+, Yuste European Academy, New Humanity Association

Georgian dance

Georgian dance shows in the clausure of the 2nd Y.U.S.T.E. summer camp Caceres 2016.

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